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Math (not MSTC)

  • Adv. Algebra 2 - Students entering Advanced Algebra 2 for the 2024-2025 school year should complete this Algebra 1 Review to be prepared as well as to turn in as their first assignment. Students will be tested on this material within the first 3-4 classes. We will go over any questions students may have during the first couple of days of school. This is prerequisite material from algebra one so it should be familiar however, students may also use Khan Academy as a resource to prepare if having difficulty or to get more practice. The purpose of the prerequisite test is to ensure you are both prepared for the new Algebra 2 material as well as making sure you are ready for the advanced pace of the course. Remember, you will have a chance to ask questions about any problems prior to the test. Please Do Not Wait The Night Before To Complete it.

Here is a list of topics that the review covers:
•    solving and graphing linear equations
•    solving and graphing systems of linear equations
•    simplifying and solving algebraic expressions
•    Applying algebraic expressions to solve application/ word problems
•    Solving systems of linear equations and inequalities
•    finding equations of lines given slope and a point or 2 points
•    applying the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic 
•    factoring linear and quadratic expressions
•    exponent rules
•    simplifying radicals, operations with radicals, rationalizing radicals
•    solving and graphing quadratic functions
•    simplifying basic rational expressions
*** Also we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a TI-84plus graphing calculator for this class.  It can also be used on ACT's and SAT's and in college, thus it is a good investment.  Students can purchase in advance or check one out from our library (first come first serve basis. Do not get a different model of graphing calculator.  you can get one of the upgraded versions but it must be a TI-84. ***

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