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Graduation Cord Statement

Graduation Cord Statement

A graduation cord/sash may be worn during Paul Laurence Dunbar High School's commencement ceremony if the student is a member of a Fayette County district established program or nationally recognized academic honor organization/program. Each organization's sponsor will utilize their group's established membership and graduation requirements to determine a student's eligibility to receive the cord/sash, as well as indicate the specific cord/sash to be worn during the ceremony. 

The wearing of a cultural, religious, or military cord/stole/sash will need be approved by an administrator (assistant principal or head principal) at least one week prior to graduation practice. Acceptable stoles/sashes will be those that reflect flags from the nation of the student or family's origin, and/or symbols strictly related to the student's cultural heritage (ex: the celtic cross, the menorah, a Nepali flag patch, or a golden eagle) or military service . For example, a student whose cultural heritage originates in Canada might have a red and white Canadian flag stole with the Canadian maple leaf printed on it. Or, a student wanting to reflect their Native American culture might wear a stole with traditional textile design printed on it. No stole/sash should include words, phrases, or pictures of people. 

Graduation caps are NOT to be decorated for any reason.

Students should ask for any additional guidance or clarity from PLD administration and/or school counselors. Stoles/sashes will be re-checked on the day of graduation and anything falling outside of the provided guidelines will be required to be removed, or the student may not participate in the graduation ceremony.