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The MSTC program is a magnet special program service option at the highest level for students identified in math or science. It is a four-year program designed to develop students who are internationally competitive in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. We expect our students to demonstrate their success with a significant individual research project, with Advanced Placement and other standardized test scores, with the college majors they select, and with the colleges to which they are accepted. Eligible students are placed in a rank order system for a possible offer to the program.

Eligibility requirements:

  • 9th stanine on the IOWA assessments in math and/or science;
  • Two additional pieces of supporting evidence for formal gifted identification.

Core curriculum

The MSTC program requires students to work at an accelerated level. Whenever possible, the courses are taught at the AP level or higher. In fact, students in the MSTC program have access to courses that go well beyond a typical high school program and in some cases, would be taken late in a student’s college sequence. In addition, students in the MSTC program have a school day that is one hour longer than the Dunbar schedule. MSTC students start each day with a zero hour class.

To be awarded a MSTC diploma, students must complete all graduation requirements of Fayette County Public Schools as well as:

  • A 360-hour Capstone Research Project;
  • At least one MSTC mathematics course each year which must include MSTC AP Calculus BC;
  • AP Statistics;
  • At least one AP English class (either junior or senior year);
  • Fifteen full-year MSTC courses;
  • Completion of at least level three of the same foreign language.


Every eighth- or ninth-grader who is a resident of Fayette County and who will complete Algebra 1 by the end of eighth grade is welcome to apply during the sign-up window. Please continue to check the MSTC site using the link below or FCPS for updates.  The application window will be open from Jan 6-22, 2024  at 11:59 pm.

For questions, email MSTC coordinator Elizabeth Pelphrey or call (859) 381-3558.

For more details:

MSTC site